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Spectral Machine™ features a wide range of unique frequency-domain effects, including:

Spectral Freeze
Delay Spectral Bands
3-band Amplitude Modulation
Pitch Quantization

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Note that the Monophonic effects should be used only with monophonic sources such as solo voice, saxophone, etc., because they rely on extracting the pitch.

Spectral Machine is no longer available.



"Dude your plugin is f****** outrageous. I am freaking out.
It's amazing man I love it"
– BT
(Grammy-nominated producer / film composer / singer / songwriter)

"Spectral Machine is a unique and very interesting fx unit -
hours of fun to be had"
– Brian Dougans
(Future Sound of London / The Amorphous Androgynous)

"Once again you and your team have created magic.
This is going to be one of those plugins that I am going to use every day like SFX Machine.
It's totally ground-breaking and brilliant!"
– Pete "Boxsta" Martin
(multi-platinum selling producer and songwriter)


"Spectral Machine gives you the total creative freedom to tweak sounds and experiment with sounds with its unique frequency-domain effects. This would be my first choice for processing regular guitar sounds into otherworldly, ambient guitars.... Spectral Machine is also brilliant for just about any audio sources, turning boring sounds into 'wow' sounds.... The fun factor of Spectral Machine is unbelievable." - Wusik Sound Magazine, Dec. 2011.

"Spectral Machine offers a lot of bang for your buck: it provides a varied range of effects, including some which are pretty unique. Used imaginatively—perhaps with multiple instances—it's an extremely powerful piece of software. It's also excellent value, with each effect working out at just $5. It's a lot of fun to experiment with and, most importantly, the sound quality is superb." - ResidentAdvisor.net

"There's a lot more to life than parametric EQ, dynamics, and reverb; frequency-domain effects can add entirely different sounds to a variety of audio sources." - Electronic Musician magazine, Nov. 2011.


"I love SFX Machine and Spectral Machine. I used SFX Machine on nearly every track of The Myth of Dying (nominated Best Foreign Record and Best Production at the 2010 ProgAwards). Spectral Machine is now a principal plugin on my latest album. Spectral Machine is a great addition to any studio." - The Psychedelic Ensemble

"Wow, what a beautiful smooth sound on the monophonic algos. Really lovely." - Matthew

"Really love the 3 band filter; it works great fine-tuning your guitar (or other instruments) sound - distorted or clean - simple and effective! The other presets provide great starting points for more affected sounds. Deceptively simple user interface provides a wide range of adjustments and superb sounds. Not unnecessarily complicated yet a plug-in with a lot of depth." - John

"This is a deceptively useful tool... I mean it's an unassuming interface... so when I opened it I didn't go 'wow'... but after I went through the effect categories... wow!" - akabigjames

"The sample and hold sounds great on electric bass with the mix below 50 and the spectral delays are great on guitar! - Shaun

"Easy to manipulate and control. Speedy, no fuss. A worthy addition to your already daunting set of audio tools... It's really a kicking bit of kit." - Ed


General Purpose Effects

Delay Spectral Bands
Apply separate delays to different spectral bands, with individual control over the amount of feedback in each band!

Spectral Freeze
Click the "Fire" button to freeze the sound, which then decays at different rates for high and low frequencies. Click the "Reset" button to unfreeze.

Sample & Hold
Similar to Spectral Freeze, but it automatically retriggers at a specified interval.

3 AM
A tremolo effect with individual control over the modulation rate and depth in three frequency bands.

3-Band Filter
Precise control over the gain in three user-selected frequency bands.

Spectral Peak/Notch
Lets you boost or attenuate an arbitrarily narrow frequency band around a specified frequency.

Oscillating Peak/Notch
Interesting peak/notch effect with an oscillating center frequency.

Monophonic Effects
(for monophonic sources such as solo voice, clarinet, sax, etc.)

Pitch Shift
Frequency-domain transposition with timbre preservation.

Multiple transposition with timbre preservation. This can also be useful for thickening vocals or monophonic instrumental tracks without typical time-domain artifacts.

Pitch Quantizer
Nudge each note to the nearest semitone, for pitch correction or to create an interesting vocal effect.

Pitch Isolate
Isolates the tonal portion from the rest of the sound.

Sine / Noise
Gives you independent control over the sinusoidal and noise/transient portions of the sound.

Spectral Shapeshifter
Lets you change the shape of vocal formants (spectral envelope) without affecting the pitch.

Frequency-modulates only the sinusoidal component.

Changes the pitch to a fixed frequency for a robotic effect.

Spectral Machine tutorial by Aksel Holand


We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Contact us for information about site licenses, educational discounts, and upgrade offers for owners of previous versions of SFX Machine. We also offer a making-the-world-a-better-place discount (for people who are supporting independent film, local theatre, etc.).

Spectral Machine is 32-bit only; however, the Audio Unit version will work with 64-bit host programs if you own the 32 Lives adapter, http://www.audioeffects.com/32-lives.html .

The Spectral Machine Pro User Guide is online. Read the friendly manual!

See our User Forum at KVRAudio.


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