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"i have been using sound machine [SFX Machine] since - hmm - could it have been about 1998

i love it love it love it

and spectral machine is a unique and very interesting fx unit - hours of fun to be had

also backwards machine is very very useful

all in all - great products - essential part of my tool kit"

Brian Dougans (The Future Sound Of London / The Amorphous Androgynous)


SFX Machine Pro Feedback

"SFX Machine is the one effect that has been on my ever-changing b t logolist of hardware and software in my studio. If people knew how much modular effects work I've done in this thing and how many of my sounds I'd made using it, one of my best secrets would be out!! Actually the coolest thing about it is that anyone who sits down with it and really digs in comes up with totally unique patches. It's an absolute must-have for anyone looking for new and flexible ways to mangle sound."
BT (Brian Transeau, composer, singer, songwriter and Hollywood film score producer)

"Last year I did a Discovery series called "Perfect Disasters," and although I possess just about every plug-in known to man (and most of it VERY expensive), most of the loop/sound mangling was done with SFX Machine Pro... quick and easy!"

— Ty Unwin

"I've got to tell you how much I love and use your software! I'm using SFX Machine on records, remixes, and two national TV shows I compose for,
"As The World Turns," and "One Life To Live." Rocking the soap world with the help of SFX :-) I've also released original music in a couple Harmonix video games which have used your plugins."
— Christopher Child

"I've used your fx for my last 3 billboard charting records:
Take Control - Julissa Veloz
Dumb - Natalia Flores
Beauty Queen - Kelsey B
Right on!"
— Rod Carrillo, Carrillo Music

"I have a huge collection of plug-ins for working in the sound design and post environment and I constantly find myself reaching for SFX Machine."
— Mitch Clyman

"I've used SFX Machine in music I've composed for films like Groove, Kill Bill and Aeon Flux! not to mention a few Discovery Channel TV Shows like Motorcycle Lightning and Size It Up, and NASA's international space station promotional video! — and I'd have to say that right now SFX Machine Pro is the most useful effects plugin that I have and I have a few! It's because of products like yours that I sound as pro as I do! Thank you so much."

"I've always had a high regard for your SFX Machine software; in fact, the price can be misleading to others who believe you can't get good plug-ins unless you spend at least $500+. Good reviews like this only support what I've known for quite a while... Your software is 'pro' quality, fun to use and has a mind-blowing feature set that a lot of other expensive plug-ins can't even dream of.
— Justin Browning

"The SFX software is an invaluable part of my work, providing me with a comprehensive set of professional ready-to-use tool for my animations and production work. Excellent."
— Ed Parnell

SFX Machine Pro demo [mp3]
by Pete "Boxsta" Martin
"In this demo I wanted to just use a Kick and Snare (as heard in the first 2 bars) and nothing else to generate rhythmic pattern fx and sounds. I wanted SFX Machine Pro to "do the programming" if you like. Everything you are hearing, including any bass, keyboard or rhythm fx sounds, are all derived from that simple kick and snare sound.

I also set myself a challenge and did not edit the cuts on Pro Tools as I normally would to get repetitive "stutter Fx" as used in modern dance and pop music. All the fast edits you are hearing are from the Granular menu using "Auto Freeze Pan" , "Freeze Boing" and the "Stutter Pan" function in SFX Machine Pro.

In the demo you can hear that each consecutive two bars changes and utilizes different parameters and fx. Sometimes I have stacked two or three SFX Machine Pro's on the same channel and automated different parameters including distortion, flanger or echo fx to create interesting textures and echos. SFX Machine has simply become my main plugin. No other fx plugin I have ever come across comes even close to creating the mindblowing textures in SFX Machine Pro."

Update, March 2008:
Hope you are well. This week I showed quite a few new producers your plugin... and everyone was so blown away dude. I must say that I am using it on EVERY production that I am doing...IT ROCKS! I have just used it on Sugababes and extensively on a new RnB project called Filly (which is number 11 in the UK charts at the moment).

Every day I use it I discover new exciting, adventurous "tones". I can't tell you how good this is man and how much it has become part of my sound! YOU ARE A GENIUS dude!

— Pete "Boxsta" Martin, multi-platinum selling producer and songwriter,

"Does this new RTAS version provide Audiosuite functionality? I have always been a great fan of being able to destructively edit sounds, and SFX Machine has always been my favorite and #1 tool to do so. So if this version includes Audiosuite, I'll be buying it straight away as it'll be a old dream come back true!!" [It does.]
— Gaëtan Schurrer

"Your new SFX Machine Pro is coooooooool !
Stunning effects!!!!!!!!!
I love this.
Thank you very much."
— JINMO / musician

"You have no idea how happy I am with SFX Machine Pro! Having the editor back is such a great thing!!!"
— Marc Van Bork

"I am absolutely loving the new SFX machine Pro. The ability to get in there and tweak, or make your own effects is fantastic."
— Dan Steele, LimitedHeadroom Sound Design

"I love the impact SFX Machine Pro has on my recordings. It is really very useful and easy, and works well in a ProTools HD environment. Great fun, too."
— Michael Colucci

" I think of SFX as my software [expensive hardware multi-effects box]."
— Matte Henderson

"i have had sfx machine for a few years now and there is still no end to the universe... the sfx pro was a great great great addition. thank you. not come across a bug yet."
— Survey respondee

"What else could make a 50 year old composer happier than a NEW version of SFX Machine. Hey... I'm not one of your hi-profile guys... but music is my job and man I love SFX Machine just as much as the "big" fellas that endorse it on your site. We are just craaaaazy in love with this SFX Machine tool... cause it works HARD to please us."
— James Monroe


Backwards Machine Feedback

"I like this plug-in.... It has unique features that anyone would like to have at their disposal. But the main thing about your software effects is that they are high quality and SO MUCH EASIER TO USE than competing products."
— Michael Colucci

SFX Machine RT Feedback

"I LOVE the effects that simulate analog synth sounds and theremins. They remind me of those old columbia-princeton soundlab recordings. Your product strikes a perfect balance of uniqueness, weirdness, fun, tweakability and price."

"Keep up the good work. I have used SFX Machine in every game I’ve worked on since it was originally shipped with Peak and certainly won’t stop now!" — Jay Weinland, Audio Lead, Bungie Studios at Microsoft

"SFX Machine is a fantastic, absolute must-have plug-in. I'd have a terrible time getting along without it." — Matt Ragan, composer / sound designer

"The album that I finished (ambient/soundtrack-style), called "Outer Rim" by "The Vortex Project," was often inspired by using SFX Machine RT in a creative sense, because if I couldn't come up with a melody to start, I used the plug-in for other-worldy sound design and beautifully lush, ambient pads or constantly swirling sonic backdrops using automation on tremolo/panning and phasing, etc... It is an integral part of my sound and creative process."
— Justin Browning

"Success! Thank you very much! Is there any place on your website for user testimonials? This is the best service I have ever received on any software or hardware product, and the software itself is simply outstanding. And you can quote me on that."
— Bill Ross, WJR, Inc.

"[SFX Machine RT] keeps me inspired and usually in sound design heaven!! I must keep this short... my sfx machine plug-in is again calling to me. Time to get back to flossing my brain with it...YEE HAAAA!"
— Justin Browning

"Hi! Just want to tell you that I am very happy with the latest version of SFX machine RT. It works great on Apple Soundtrack 1.1, Logic Platinum 6.3.2, and Bias Peak. The presets are top notch. It's one of the best plugin effects I've ever owned. Keep up the good work!"

"Another successful product out there (Halo 2) that benefited greatly from SFX Machine!"

"I'm sure I was one of the first in line to buy the new OS-X friendly version of SFX Machine, as I am your biggest fan. SFX Machine saves me so much time that I refused to let go of my OS-9 system because of it. Finally, I can do all of my production in OS-X! My only question is — What took you so long! ;) Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You have made me very happy creating an Audio Unit for OSX for the SFX machine. I tried the demo with LOGIC and its awesome."

"Working great in CubaseSX!"

"I am so thrilled you came out with a VST version. I own a post production facility and SFX Machine is a major part of our arsenal. We upgraded to Peak 3.2 and were at a loss for not having a working SFX Machine. Luckily I received your e-mail notifying me of the upgrade."

"Yes it's true...I LOVE the SFX Machine.  I recently installed Logic 6 and completely freaked out when I saw that the 'Premiere Plug-Ins' folder was gone.  Then I remembered your email.  Thanks for keeping it in my bag of tricks!"

"Thanks for a great plug-in! My Mac and I are much happier now that SFX Machine is under OS X."

"Happy to report that it's all working beautifully. . ."

"YAAAHHOOOOOIIEIEEEEE!!!!!! I'm SO glad you're back on OSX. This is a great piece of software."

"i had just downloaded the trial from the osx audio link a couple of days ago
have always loved your plug in but kinda let it slip to the side when osx ushered in
i look forward to putting it back in my arsenal
i am currently music supervising a film
the score was composed by ___ _____ and i plan on using sfx to get the mood just right"

"You know what ? I was the happy owner of SFX 1.55, and I am now the very happy owner of SFX RT."

"Great product - I'm spending way too much time experimenting with it..."

"Well done for the AU plugin!!! Your plugins are brilliant."

"Wow, I'm excited that SFX Machine RT is out on OSX (and Windows, as well-- you've been quite busy I see). I've really missed having the use of SFX machine as I made the move to OSX quite some time back and booting up Classic, etc., etc. made it a tad bit tough to use v. 155.
Anyways, thanks so much, SFX Machine is one of my favorite, if not favorite, sound mangling tool and I, as well as others, appreciate your efforts. I predict that the new version will be quite a hit (I promote it with my peers)."


SFX Machine Feedback

"On my hard drive, crowded with plug-ins, SFX Machine really stands out. It's one of the most versatile sonic mutilators I've ever used. It will take years to poke my nose into all of the dark corners hidden in this program."
— Charlie Clouser, Nine Inch Nails

"They say word of mouth is the best advertising and I want you to know that I think I've told maybe 20 of my peers about my new "secret weapon" (SFX) and at least ten of them have bought it. GREAT JOB!!!! SFX is the most exciting thing that's happened to desktop music this year. It makes the long awaited promise of desktop DSP finally a reality."
— George Black, producer/programmer for Madonna, Prince, Stevie Nicks and Billy Idol, and session musician for Stevie Wonder, Boy George, Beach Boys, and others

"We are a music production company that does music for ABC News, NBC News & Entertainment (ER regularly uses our stuff), etc. And you have no idea how great your program is. From twisting drum loops until they're these little pulsing things that sound like a chicken with polio doing the lambada -- to taking vocal lines and making them sound like -- well, different... We love this program! We have TONS of plug-ins for our DSP ProTools setup -- and we use SFX as much if not more."
— Stewart Winter and Joseph Saba, owners of VideoHelper Inc., NY

"I just got the SFX Machine Premiere plug-in for my composition studio, and it's amazing; blows [competitor's product] out of the water. The amount of things you can do to sounds, from the normal effects of chorusing, flanger etc., to all out complete warping of sounds is staggering. I'm currently working on an industrial/techno type tune, and have had huge fun taking straight rock guitar chugs and warping them into hideous clanking sounds."
— Alistair Hirst, Senior Audio Specialist

" I am constantly astounded by the sounds and effects the SFX Machine comes up with! When I'm looking for something extra weird, cool, impossible, and magical, I go straight to the SFX Machine! There's so much power and possibility to be explored, and the random factors make it a "strange attractor" to sonic beauty and complexity. This is the kind of tool that makes life worth living!"
— Peter Wetherbee, audio engineer and record producer

"I have found SFX Machine to be indispensable in processing large quantities of dialog for games. Radio effects, strange pitch shift effects, monsters, etc., are routinely needed for gameplay dialogue. Most recently, I used SFX Machine for all of the radio and 'outdoor' voices in the highly publicized 'Tribes 2' (Sierra Online), which contained more than 4000 combat voice files. With SFX Machine's powerful algorithmic architecture, it is possible to arrive at almost any sound you are looking for with a little bit of patience and understanding of signal processing."
Christopher Stevens, CS Productions, Inc.


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