SFX Machine RT Interactive Simulator

This is an interactive Flash simulation of SFX Machine RT. It is intended to give you a quick idea of the types of effects SFX Machine RT can produce, without requiring you to download and install the actual plug-in. Using SFX Machine is easy:

  1. Click on one of the 20 Categories.
  2. Click on one of the corresponding Presets.
  3. (With the real software, you would also be able to adjust the sliders.)
This simulation has the following limitations:
  1. The bandwidth usage is somewhat high; it may take a second or two for playback to begin.
  2. The sound samples have been compressed, so the audio quality is somewhat lower.
  3. The sliders and Random button are not enabled. In the actual plug-in, you would be able to create countless variations of each preset by adjusting the sliders.
  4. Each example is based on the same sound file, "I Think You Should Dump Her (and Introduce Her to Me)." The actual plug-in, of course, is capable of real-time processing of your own material. SFX Machine RT is usually used on individual tracks rather than complete mixes.
  5. The presets have not been tuned for use with this sound file, except for some minor volume adjustments. Also, this sound file is not well suited for certain presets. For example, the pitch tracking presets expect a monophonic sound (vocals); they will be thrown off by the guitar.
  6. Some presets are not included (specifically, the ones that would require scrolling the Preset lists).

For a better idea of the capabilities of SFX Machine RT, download the actual demo and try it out with your own material.

Flash simulation by VisualArena.com.


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