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April 1, 2010

Make your music shine with Turd Polisher Pro, the ultimate song rewriting and finalizing program.

Turd Polisher Pro was designed to improve every aspect of a song, from the writing to the recording. Using an advanced neural network trained on a database of over 10,000 songs, it analyzes the lyrics, melody, arrangement and performances to determine their artistic integrity and commercial potential.

If necessary, Turd Polisher Pro will help rewrite the song line-by-line, using the integrated Lyric Polisher, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary to propose vivid and poetic ways of expressing the writer's ideas. Then the Tune Polisher generates millions of possible melodic variations and sorts them according to how well they fit the lyrics, convey the right feeling, and satisfy the algorithmic profile of a great melody. At each step, the songwriter makes the final decision.

Arrangements and harmonies are progressively refined to ensure that they serve the song. Next, vocal and instrumental performances are analyzed note-by-note. Pitch and timing errors are corrected, and new performances can be generated if desired. Finally, mastering and effects are applied to give the recording a "radio-ready," glossy commercial shine.

Hear it for yourself. Following is an example of how one of our customers used Turd Polisher Pro to automatically turn a drunken voicemail message into an award-winning hit song:

Turd Polisher Pro includes:

x Song Analyzer
x Lyric Polisher
x Tune Polisher
x Pitch Polisher
x Arranger
x Harmonizer

Three of the current top ten songs were produced using a beta version of Turd Polisher Pro!

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