Earl Vickers, CEO

Purr Detector Cat Collar Glows when Cat Purrs

Seaside, CA - August 10, 2005
A California company has developed a cat collar that glows whenever the cat purrs.

The Sound Guy, Inc., of Seaside, California, has developed the Purr Detector lighted cat collar. In addition to providing family fun, the Purr Detector can also flash when the cat is outside at night, for improved safety and visibility.

The Purr Detector was created by Earl Vickers, who has a patent pending for the technology. A flyer is online at .

"Kids love the Purr Detector," says Vickers, "and cats love the extra attention. In addition, the nighttime flashing feature protects cats by making them more visible to cars."

The Sound Guy, Inc., a privately held corporation based in Seaside, California, is the manufacturer of the award-winning SFX Machine family of audio effects plug-ins. The company is currently looking for licensees. For more information, go to or contact Earl Vickers at .

(This product not available - no licensee was found.)

Purr Detector™ is a trademark of The Sound Guy, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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