Multi-Channel Audio Resynthesis Plug-ins

Seaside, CA – April 1, 2007
 The Sound Guy, Inc. has announced the release of their long-anticipated audio resynthesis plug-ins, AfterLife™ and AfterLife Pro™.

AfterLife goes beyond familiar approaches like sampling, looping and mash-ups, and allows users to create new compositions and instrumental solos in the style of famous musicians of the past. By selecting from a menu of over 100 former instrumentalists and composers, you can add the perfect solo track at the touch of a button.

AfterLife even lets users create their own "dream band" by mixing and matching their favorite performers. Using patented "multi-channeling" technology, AfterLife brings performers like Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Keith Moon and Frank Zappa into the studio for instant jam sessions.

AfterLife does not use conventional artificial intelligence techniques. Instead, it takes advantage of a phenomenon called "quantum randomness." Using a high-speed internet connection, AfterLife taps into a global network of random event generators organized by the Global Consciousness Project, Their server combines the results of dozens of physical, non-deterministic random number generators (based on radioactive decay) and makes the data available to researchers.

"Quantum randomness appears to be the link between mind and matter, between thinking of a musical note and moving your finger to pluck a guitar string," explained lead researcher Earl Vickers. "These quantum detectors can be viewed as 'thought antennae,' and deceased musicians seem particularly adept at tuning in to the right channels, particularly once they realize someone is listening. Personally, I suspect they like being able to play something other than the harp, or, alternatively, the accordion."

AfterLife lets you select from a number of musical styles, including the popular "Blues Jam in E." With its high-resolution DAC (Dead-to-Alive Conversion) technology, AfterLife Pro adds the ability to select from dozens of vocalists including Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain and others.

AfterLife began as an attempt to synthesize new music in the style of various Baroque and Classical composers. On a whim, Vickers replaced the pseudo-random number generator with the output of the random generator network; the resulting music seemed much more authentic than that produced by usual A.I. methods. Vickers speculates that musicians such as Bach and Beethoven appreciate the opportunity to stop decomposing and start recomposing.

"Due to the very nature of quantum randomness, we can't prove that the output of the quantum network is being influenced by the mental activity of non-living musicians," said Vickers. "But you can't prove it's not. I think the results speak for themselves."

Since the software is based on a non-deterministic phenomenon, The Sound Guy, Inc. cannot guarantee any particular results. "The musicians may be taking a smoke break, or they might be messing with you," explained Vickers. "They may show up late or not at all. If they don't like you, the result may sound just like white noise."

AfterLife and AfterLife Pro support VST for Windows and VST and Audio Unit formats for Macintosh OS X (Universal for PPC and Intel).

The Sound Guy, Inc. is the manufacturer of Backwards Machine, SFX Machine RT, and SFX Machine Pro, an audio multi-effects plug-in that recently won Editor's Choice awards from Electronic Musician and Mac Life magazines. For more information, visit

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