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Additional Presets

We've added three new presets:

Stereo Width

This preset encodes the left/right signal into M-S format, boosts the difference signal by a user-controlled amount, then decodes back to left/right. This increases the stereo width and also boosts any reverb that may have been present. For example, if you start with Suzanne Vega's classic test signal, "Tom's Diner," and raise the stereo width slider to 1000%, you end up with a wider image and a huge amount of reverb that was not very noticeable in the original. If you lower the stereo width slider to 0%, the signal becomes mono.

M-S Decoder

This converts M-S encoded signals to normal left/right format (and vice-versa). The levels are adjusted so that the total energy of the signal is preserved. This preset is useful if you want to record in M-S format, using a coincident stereo microphone pair. The advantage of recording in M-S format is that it gives you a great deal of flexibility; you can make decisions about stereo width later.

Comb Pseudo-Stereo2

This is another pseudo-stereo preset. It uses a pair of complementary comb filters on the high frequencies, and passes the low frequencies unchanged.


Download the new presets in Audio Unit format (Mac OS X) [.sit]

Download the new presets in VST format (Mac and PC) [.zip]

Information about loading and saving presets is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Previous owners of the Premiere format version of SFX Machine should note that saving and loading of presets behaves differently in VST and Audio Unit formats; more information is available here.


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