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Following is a list of the new presets in SFX Machine Pro, with comments about some of our favorites:

Allpass PseudoPhaser
Alternating Echoes
Alternating SharpFlat — Cross-fades between upward and downward pitch shifts.
Auto Freeze Pan — Snippets of audio are frozen and panned; new snippets fade in and out.
Auto Freeze Pan 2
Boings 2
Boo Hoo Wah
BS Filter
Capture & Loop — A periodic narrow granular pulse gates the audio, which is then delayed and looped.
Comb Pseudo-Stereo 2
Comb Pseudo-Stereo 3
Comb Pseudo-Stereo 4
Crystal Gliss Alternating
Double Bifurcated Sprocket Flange
Echo/Feedback Vibrato
EnvFol -> Vibrato & Tremolo
EnvFol->Pan Rate — The panning rate is modulated by the signal amplitude; it pans faster as the signal gets louder.
Flange + Echo 2
Four-Part Round — This allows one person to sing a 4-part round. Set Delay Time to the length of one phrase.
Freeze Boingfest
Gliss Down + Filter Sweep
Granular Synth 2
In & Out of Phase
Limiter Setup
Mandolin Bells — Strums your voice with its fingers.
M-S Decoder (Also works as M/S Encoder) — Converts a mid-side coincident stereo microphone pair to left/right signals.
PingPong Echoes 2
Pitch Wah
PitchShift +/- 1 octave
PitchSweep DownUp
PitchSweep UpDown 2
Polyrhythmic Click Track — Experiment with polyrhythms; set a rate, and enable or disable various multiples of that rate.
PreEchoes 3 — Eight outputs are each delayed by a multiple of the Golden Mean.
Psychoacoustic Bass Boost
Random S/H Filter
Random Vibrato
Random Vibrato 2
Reverse Playback 1 Sec. — Reverses continuous audio in real-time.
Reverse Playback 2 Sec.
RoboTalk Vibrato
SharpFlat Vibrato
Simple Compressor
Sitar Drone Sweep
Sitar Drone Vibrato — Resonant delay gives voice or instrumentals a sitar-like drone.
Squareish Tremolo
Stereo Pan Sweep
Stereo Width — Uses an M-S encoder and decoder with a side gain to increase or decrease the stereo width.
Stutter Pan
Triangle Tremolo
VariBand EnvFol CrossPan
VariBand EnvFol CrossPan 2

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