SFX Machine Pro

How to Authorize and Install SFX Machine Pro
from the Guitar Center EPIX / XCHANGE Bundle

If you purchased the Guitar Center EPIX / XCHANGE plug-in bundle, you can authorize and install SFX Machine Pro as follows:

  1. Send the 16-digit SFX Machine license number you received with the EPIX bundle to support@sfxmachine.com . Mention whether you need the Mac or Windows version, and VST/Audio Unit or RTAS format. You will receive a 16-digit authorization code within 24 hours (usually much sooner).
  2. Download the installer for the appropriate version of SFX Machine Pro from http://sfxmachine.com/downloads.html .
  3. Double-click on the installer file and follow the instructions.
  4. To authorize the SFX Machine Pro plug-in
    1. Launch your VST / Audio Unit / RTAS host program.
    2. Select "SFX Machine Pro" (possibly under "The Sound Guy") in the appropriate (VST / Audio Unit / RTAS / plug-ins) menu, depending on the host program.
    3. In SFX Machine Pro, click the Authorize button, then enter the Authorization Code you received from support@sfxmachine.com. At this point, the plug-in should tell you that the software is now authorized.
    4. See the ReadMe file for more information.
  5. For more information about using SFX Machine Pro, see the user guide, http://www.sfxmachine.com/pro/sfx_machine_pro_user_guide.pdf .
  6. If you have any questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page, http://sfxmachine.com/pro/faq.html, or contact support@sfxmachine.com .

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