Earl Vickers, C.E.O.


Real-Time Audio Effects Plug-In to Be Released for Macintosh and Windows

NAMM l Anaheim, CA —January 16, 2003 l The Sound Guy, Inc., announced today the forthcoming release of SFX Machine RT, a real-time version of the company's award-winning audio effects plug-in.
"Customers have been requesting a real-time version of SFX Machine ever since it debuted at NAMM several years ago," said Earl Vickers, C.E.O. and president of The Sound Guy, Inc. "This plug-in has always wanted to be real-time, and we are happy to oblige. In addition to our new VST versions for Mac OS X and Classic, we are excited to be announcing one of the first commercial plug-ins in Apple's new Audio Units format."
The company also announced a VST version for Windows. "Until now, there has not been a comparable product on the PC side," said Vickers. "We look forward to serving our new Windows customers."
SFX Machine RT includes hundreds of presets, including conventional effects like choruses and flangers and a wide variety of unusual effects. The plug-in's underlying modular synthesizer engine has an easy-to-use interface, enabling selection and modification of effects with just a few mouse clicks. Each version of SFX Machine RT will also include 'MIDI Learn' parameter control for real-time preset modification, providing new dimensions of interaction that were impossible with the earlier software.
A preliminary Audio Units version of SFX Machine will be on display in the Emagic booth (Booth #6500, Hall A).


SFX Machine RT for VST (Mac OS X and Classic) and Audio Units (Mac OS X) will be available in Q1 2003. SFX Machine VST for PC will be released shortly thereafter. Pricing is yet to be determined; visit the SFX Machine website for the latest details.
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