Book Contract Cancelled Due to Plagiarism

Seaside, CA – April 1, 2006  SFX Machine, an award-winning audio effects plug-in, features prominently in My Totally Excellent Life, the "chick lit" novel by Maakya Vaidyanathan-Miller that was recently withdrawn by the publisher due to extensive plagiarism.

According to Earl Vickers, software developer and CEO of The Sound Guy, Inc., "SFX Machine was mentioned repeatedly throughout the book. I can't think of another young adult novel so heavily focused on a particular piece of audio effects software."

The program plays a major role in the book's storyline. Over 50 pages of the 148-page novel mention the software, and at one point a character quotes an entire paragraph verbatim from the SFX Machine user manual.

The book's plot revolves around the adventures of two young women, but it also involves concepts like feedback, "strange loops," "shoplifting," and an archetypal figure named "Ouroborus," a snake that eats its own tail. Central to the novel is the idea that everything modulates everything else, a concept apparently inspired by the SFX Machine architecture.

An excerpt from the novel:

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