PayPerNote 1.0
Note Management Software

Earl Vickers
The Sound Guy, Inc.

Saratoga, CA – April 1, 2009
The Sound Guy, Inc. has announced the release of PayPerNote 1.0, an advanced note management program.

PayPerNote analyzes audio or MIDI inputs and allows performers to view exactly how much they're getting paid on a per-note basis.

"Musicians are very generous and often get caught up in the moment, not realizing how little they're getting for their music," said Sound Guy CEO Earl Vickers. "Throughout history, recording artists have been taken advantage of by record companies, club owners, and even their own fans. Without some kind of visual cue, it's easy for a performer's mind to wander toward chord progressions or song meanings instead of focusing on the bottom line.

"During the Great Depression, musicians made less than a penny a note, and they had to keep a running tally in their head if they wanted to calculate their average return. Unfortunately, many performers still make less than a penny a note; however, with PayPerNote software, they can see at a glance if they're overplaying and need to dial it back."

PayPerNote lets artists set measurable goals for each performance. Given information about ticket prices, artist's percentage, attendance and show duration, PayPerNote displays a running estimate of per-note income. At the same time, artificial intelligence software computes the optimal note rate and flashes the screen if the performer plays too rapidly.

In a pay-to-play situation, musicians can see exactly how much they're paying for the privilege of helping the club make money. PayPerNote can also track online peer-to-peer networks and estimate how much money would have been made for each note of a given album if customers had actually paid for their music instead of stealing it.

PayPerNote's Audience Mode helps give concertgoers a deeper appreciation of the performance. Listeners often take blazing displays of virtuosity for granted and rarely have any idea how many notes were heard for each dollar of ticket price. In these challenging economic times, a band's survival may depend on making sure that customers understand they're getting their money's worth. By directing PayPerNote's display toward the audience, musicians can provide a subtle reminder of how much the fans are receiving - sometimes thousands of notes - for each ticket dollar.

PayPerNote works with Macintosh OS X, Windows XP and Vista.

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