Dynamic Exaggeration Plug-in!

Saratoga, CA – April 1, 2008  The Sound Guy, Inc. has announced the release of INFINITUDE!™, their long-awaited dynamic exaggeration plug-in!

According to The Sound Guy, INFINITUDE! won't just make your music louder!

It won't just make your music ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE LOUDER!

With INFINITUDE!, your music will be INFINITELY LOUDER than anything the public has ever heard (or will ever hear again)! So loud, it will literally set the world on fire!

Using an undoubtedly patentable divide-by-zero process, INFINITUDE! ensures that your music is louder, and therefore better, than anyone else's!

"We were working on an app that would eliminate the +/- 1.0 limit on CD signal levels, allowing the range to go all the way to +/- 1.1!" explained CEO Earl Vickers! "But then one of our competitors came out with a product called Eleven, which pretty much killed the marketing plan!

"We went back to the drawing board and came up with a brand new concept: Twelve! But the engineering guys pointed out that our advantage would be temporary! We needed a way to leapfrog the competition, to go beyond incremental improvements and WIN THE LOUDNESS WARS ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

Enter INFINITUDE!, the Shock-and-Awe of the audio world!


But The Sound Guy hasn't forgotten about those important spaces between the notes! With INFINITUDE!, the quiet, sensitive moments can be JUST AS LOUD AS THE REST OF YOUR SONG — OR EVEN LOUDER! The built-in Subtlety Remover!™ eliminates any hint of nuance, but without flattening your music! Instead, YOUR MUSIC WILL FLATTEN EVERYTHING WITHIN EARSHOT (basically, the whole universe)!

INFINITUDE! — Music never hurt this good before!

System Requirements:
We recommend speakers with an 8/0 ohm input impedance and a power amp with unlimited headroom!

The Sound Guy, Inc. is the manufacturer of Backwards Machine, ReSpatializer, SFX Machine RT, and SFX Machine Pro, an audio multi-effects plug-in that has won Editor's Choice awards from Electronic Musician and Mac Life magazines! For more information, visit!

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