vs.  SFX Machine Pro
Which to Buy?

If you're not sure which product to get, or if you just want quick, easy access to lots of effects, you might want to start off with SFX Machine RT (32-bit only). You can always upgrade later at a significant discount. Try the SFX Machine RT Simulator to audition the effects without having to download a demo.

SFX Machine Pro offers the same ease of use as SFX Machine RT, but also lets you create your own effects from scratch. It adds:

    •  A modular synthesis Preset Editor
    •  Host Tempo Sync
    •  An Output Limiter
    •  Twice as much delay time
    •  64- and 32-bit support

SFX Machine RT and SFX Machine Pro work with VST or Audio Unit host programs.

If you use Digidesign's Pro Tools, you will want SFX Machine Pro for RTAS. It includes the same features as SFX Machine Pro, but it supports Digidesign's RTAS format instead of VST / Audio Unit.

(Sorry for any confusion between RT and RTAS. SFX Machine RT supports VST and Audio Unit formats only, not RTAS format.)

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Contact us if you have any questions.

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