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Intellectual Property Available for License

1. Audio DSP Software

We have a library of hundreds of audio DSP effects such as time-stretching, reverb, audio compression and limiting, multi-effects, frequency-domain effects, etc., suitable for toys, games, karaoke, cell phones, and professional or semi-pro devices or software programs. You can audition many of these effects using the interactive SFX Machine Simulator.

We can also supply a cross-platform audio plug-in codebase in VST and Audio Unit plug-in formats for Mac OS X and Windows.

2. Frequency Domain Artificial Reverberation Using Spectral Magnitude Decay

A novel method of producing artificial reverberation in the frequency domain, using spectral magnitude decay, is presented. The method involves accumulating the magnitudes of the short-time Fourier transform, based on the desired decay time as a function of frequency. Compared to time domain methods such as feedback delay networks, the current method requires less memory and provides independent control of the reverberation energy and decay time in each frequency bin. Compared to convolution reverbs, the current approach offers flexible parametric control over the decay spectra and a computational cost that is independent of decay time. These characteristics make the algorithm especially suitable for low-memory systems such as cell phones. (AES Convention Paper 6926)

More information is available at

3. Purr Detector Cat Collar

We have technology for a cat collar which glows when the cat purrs (see flyer and press release). The collar can also flash when the cat is outside at night, for improved safety and visibility.

If interested, contact us.