SFX Machine™ Step By Step

Easy to use -- customize to fit your imagination

It's like a zillion plug-ins in one!

Load new effects with a click of the mouse. and fine-tune them using a set of sliders. Or, use SFX Machine's advanced DSP Editor to invent your own effects:

1 For each of its 8 stereo modules, SFX Machine lets you select any of 9 different sources

2 Then apply any of 11 different DSP processes

3 Then perform any of these 13 modulations

The result? Millions of possible menu+parameter combinations, any of which can be saved as presets. A number of presets are already available. Users can share and download even more presets via our web site.

The Envelope Follower and Pitch Tracker functions let you create realistic-sounding modulations which breathe life into your effects. For example, a singer's amplitude envelope can control both the speed and depth of a delay modulation, for a rich, natural-sounding vibrato.

And, with a click of the mouse, the Randomizer totally reconfigures your patch, selecting new DSP processes, modulations and parameters. We guarantee you'll hear sounds you've never heard before!

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