SFX Machine Pro, SFX Machine Pro for RTAS, SFX Machine RT, and
Backwards Machine

The ultimate audio effects software

Audio Unit, VST and RTAS Multi-Effects Plug-ins for OS X and Windows

We've gone out of business. We've shut down. We've closed up shop.

The Adobe Premiere format version of SFX Machine debuted at NAMM in 1997 and was released a few months later. It has been available in various formats for 20 years! Not sure, but this may make SFX Machine the longest-selling audio effects plug-in in history. SFX Machine RT (VST format) was released in 2003, and SFX Machine Pro (VST / Audio Unit) has been on the market since 2006.

Along the way, we also published Backwards Machine, Spectral Machine, ReSpatializer, and ChatterBlocker, not to mention our special April 1st products like Turd Polisher Pro. We've had a pretty good run, but all good things must come to an end.

Audio effects codebase licensing
I might be interested in licensing some or all of the SFX Machine audio effects code (choruses, flangers, reverbs, and a variety of other useful / unusual effects) for embedded or general purpose platforms. For example, guitar stomp pedals, hardware multi-effects devices, voice-change toys (pitch change, sound freeze, etc.), audio effects for amps or wireless mic transmitters, etc. Contact sfx@sfxmachine.com